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 People are strong and build culture when people have power

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People are strong and build culture when people have power Empty
PostSubject: People are strong and build culture when people have power   People are strong and build culture when people have power Icon_minitimeFri Jun 01, 2018 8:52 am

Thus the importance of politics power and of guns. Find every way to give “the people” real earthy power, and yeah you will see more instances of abusing that power but that is a price to pay for the fact that you will also see culture, music and art and ideas and joy; power. Freedom. The average person must have the capability to affect the world, with guns or with his speech or with political activity. We gladly pay the price of some idiots abusing and losing out, hurting others, for this freedom.

This is all why globalism will fail. Humans do not want easy slavery, culture cannot exist among such as slaves. Communism is leeching off of existing culture and progress, leeching by those who do not produce anything of the like, who vote democrat and globalist and want gun control because sometimes bad things happen. But that view is fucked and fucks itself. America and Europe wins because the people have power. It’s this versus all manner of authoritarianism which is nothing but imposing wide scale slavery on people.

In danger and harm, Human truth appears and the earth is satisfied, able to be happy with its capacity to live and resist and to make things. Trading gun rights or political rights or free speech rights away for less danger and harm is ...dangerous and harmful. But obviously we want to individually maximize our own safety, that is self-valuin; so we do that while knowing doing this should never compromise the entire system and situation. One Daemonic within another.


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People are strong and build culture when people have power
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