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 Infinity War is totalitarian globalist communist propaganda

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PostSubject: Infinity War is totalitarian globalist communist propaganda   Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:02 am

What a joke. Thanos is actually the hero of this movie. He wants to kill half the universe's population. For no reason than "balance", because like, there isn't enough food n stuff.

Oh yeah, and he employs sacrificing his own daughter in that end. But he is shown crying as he does it therefore he "has a heart" and is really a good guy.

Human sacrifice and depopulation (murder of billions of people) sound familiar? Yep.

This entire film is nothing but sick globalist propaganda. I argue it is even more subversive than Last Jedi because it actually gets the audience to come around emotionally to the ideas and actions of Thanos. That is the entire point of the movie. That is why he is shown with his human emotional caring side, why his inner conflicts are shown, why he wins at the end and why he has the final happy shot at the end of the movie.

What a load of horseshit.
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Infinity War is totalitarian globalist communist propaganda
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