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 Value Cosmology

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PostSubject: Value Cosmology   Value Cosmology Icon_minitimeFri Dec 21, 2012 9:56 am

- Something must exist because "nothing" excludes the active impossibility of something.

- All beings hold themselves as a standard for their interactions with all else. This holding as a standard is implicitly 'self-valuing'.

- The smallest self-valuing is able only to value in terms of itself negatively. It's "valuing" is a deflection of which it is not.

- As two different self-valuings deflect nothingness, two things are created:
1. Space -- the mutually deflected, mutual nothingess, rudimentary 'value'
2. Relativity / Power / Force / Causation / Affectance (Rational Metaphysics term) -- the deflecting of positive not-selves.

- Affectance is self-valuing-interaction.

- A self-valuing is even in 'a grain of noise' - as soon as noise starts to affect other noise, there is differentiation, and this implies 'thingness' something is differentiated from something.

- The fact of difference precludes absolute dissolution.

- In the case of affectance, self-valuings value each other negatively in terms of their structural nature as deflectors, but they do behave similarly, and are thus perform similar actions. All deflect both nothingness, and each other.

- What comes to exist like this is any geometrical form. The simplest form to imagine is the circle: all self-valuings deflect each other 'to the side', while simultaneously deflecting nothingess inward, where it is concentrated (pushed away from all directions) and outward, where it is pushed away in all directions, except to the center and to the side. Affectance fields are here circular, with the force distributed in the 'border'. Inward it is 'weak'.

- Such organizations of nothingness-deflectings may emerge so as to come into contact with each other. Due to the quantity of affect of such organizations, the greater things that come into each others proximity are, the more different they are from each other, and the stronger they are deflected. But in some cases, the deflected negative existence of a 'sphere of affect' is so great that smaller spheres are drawn to deflect it as well, and 'join the circle', the affect-field. In that case, the affect field, a 'form', grows and is able to absorb even greater 'others'.

- The deflection of nothingness is the first priority. In the image of the deflection imprinted on itself, the self-valuing recognizes itself. This creates the terms of it's self-valuing' - its standard of value.

- Such a standard can be recognized by other entities, and deflected (negatively valued) as well.

- Once two co-deflecting self-valuings 'come to terms', they positively value each other in terms of their own self-valuing (their deflecting nothingess), but as negative. They repel each other while positively 'recognizing' the shared object of negative valuation.

- This explains why when we value in terms of our self-valuing (when we really value), we 'push' - the greater the 'fight', the greater the resistance to nothingness. We seek to overpower, but first and foremost we seek to engage, that whichever 'speaks to us', is also inevitably that which has the power to absorb us.

- Survival as a form depends on the capacity to translate that which is appropriated in the circle of affect in terms of the pre-existing form. 'Selective forms' remain, other forms are respectively dissolved or transformed into selective forms. Sometimes selective forms are overpowered by far greater, but far less selective forms.

- The more selective a form is in what it can 'use' in terms of deflecting nothingness, the more capable it is to resist change.

- The more selective a form is, the more specific the terms by which it values, and the more specific its self-valuing.

- Man is a supremely selective form. The more selective man is, the more we can speak of a 'self'.

- Becoming conscious of being as self-valuing means: establishing a finalized Being. It means to have defeated the chance of being transformed by the very nature of being (deflecting non-being) itself - it means successfully 'imprinting being on becoming'.


" The strong do what they can do and the weak accept what they have to accept. "
- Thucydides
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Value Cosmology
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