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 Some Thoughts on Religion

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Some Thoughts on Religion Empty
PostSubject: Some Thoughts on Religion   Some Thoughts on Religion Icon_minitimeMon Jul 29, 2013 10:15 pm

It seems to me that in order for a religion to be a religion, as opposed to a spirituality or a cult, there must be some ethical-like drive, multiplied by the fact of being shared by everybody in sight, to ceremonially worship. This is why it comes hand in hand with authoritarianism, government: ethics is, as Thrasymachus knew so long ago, the interest (tool) of the powerful. This is why witches are demonic and must be burned, they are scientific which is the true opposite of religious (not, as they think, heathen, or its modern moniker: atheist). A witch pays tribute to none s/he doesn't choose, and when ceremony is done it is artistic, self-conscious.

In any case, any new religion would need to sneak its way to widspread before it is even recognized, like socialism. A revolution is the end of a process, and a new religion wouldn't even need revolution (war-mongering socialists...). Common facts are, in fact, usually always post-facto.
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Some Thoughts on Religion
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