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 The Tree of Life: basic introduction

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PostSubject: The Tree of Life: basic introduction   Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:00 pm

The image with its full body-language:

The system is highly versatile. It is, to a human, literally endless. Its potentialities for causing experience are so vast, in every corner lure ten opulent lifetimes to be had in one. It is a matter of choice, taste, which paths one learns to trust, where to dwell and create. It is life itself, at least life as the Egyptians envisioned it, or the Hebrews, the people of Atlantis for all I'm concerned - whoever drew it up, the thing is a miracle, there is not another thing in the world that has such power to transform a human. It includes the alphabet and the decimal system in one meaningful synthesis - the 22 letters are referred to as subjective realities - sounds referring to things - the 10 spheres are objective ones - God-names referring greater-than-I experiences.

To walk between these spheres in lucid dream-state causes electrical charge of the body to increase a manifold, and physiological changes are forced upon the organism by the mind operating directly in machine-language on the psyche. This language consists of arche-types which are all become-forms. Form does precisely not pre-exist, it always results from a particularly self-entrapping force. Every form is "chosen", special. There is no object that is not entirely holy, simply because it is possible as such. The terms on which this is true are experience, intensity - the actual, which is a scale, a spectrum. Things-in-play are at their holiest At DEFCON 1. The value of an object is necessary for an acute experience of self-valuing. This is the quest of being human - to be acutely aware of what we are - to enable this for longer period on end - no artifice or violence is shunned. The tree of life is an extremely violent artifice. It implicates man in schemes much greater than what his place in society makes obvious. It is a frame, a majestic one, in which man can know himself as the raw substance of valuing, the primal experience constantly regenerating the interior into more forms of genius to be overcome, more bridges to build and perspectives to attain. The interior life becomes charged with a real magnetism that will be felt physically, 'superhuman' feats become possible as the energy contained in the electrosphere of the body become, throughout the progression of initiation, more and more directly accessible.

Also: dangers. Easy to perish, mistakes are quickly fatal.

Next time:
Overview of the 10 Sephirot.


" The strong do what they can do and the weak accept what they have to accept. "
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The Tree of Life: basic introduction
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