'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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 A new subjectivity

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PostSubject: A new subjectivity   Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:59 pm

To this date, astrology has been regarded as either a fiction or an objective measuring system. It is neither, it is rather a perspectival portal. By nature of its epistemic structure, which includes all of the radiating objects in the universe, it is inexhaustible and therefor un-perfectable, nothing that perficere means to complete, finish, round-up.

Astrology is first and formemost a matter of choice. One has a set of options, givenby the natal chart, and then one has a wider set of options, given by what is called "subjective astrology" another layer which incorporates all of that which is known and unknown but assumed to influence us.

All that is capable of creating order in an astrological sense is a specific sensitivity. All the order emerges, as in Heidegger, within a perimeter, an "Epoch of Truth". This epoch is the mind of the astrologer, or the man who has committed himself to regard the astrological entities as equally influential as the physical history of his species. He can make no lesser commitment. If what he now assumes to be true and to have been true is indeed true, then the whole history of genetic evolution is parallel with the history of astrological progression.

But the astrologer, unlike the scientist, knows that he is not an objective observer and can never speak the objective truth, but only a deeply reverberating subjective one. This fact has not yet been understood as to its implications, the actions that should follow from it, astrology has not yet become a morality. But this will be the most powerful regime the human race has ever known as its ground and sky.  

Men are equal in that they are all a pantheon. Astrologically, every man will be judged in terms of the Gods he represents.  Juridically, I envision a state where these same rules apply.

The Hierarchy will be externalized. The Law will become subjective. The power and worth of man will no longer be reduced to the lowest common denominator. There is no longer one common denominator, no longer one law, no longer any "subhuman beasts" but only laws-unto-themselves becoming their own justification at once as the justification of the state.

Such a world by our historic and moral standards is completely insane. Think about that.


" The strong do what they can do and the weak accept what they have to accept. "
- Thucydides
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A new subjectivity
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