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 Islam - made by man for man or not?

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PostSubject: Islam - made by man for man or not?    Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:55 am

Right so I've posted a lot here and there lately about my views on Islam and I got one tag that defines me and my arguments summed up in one word - Racist

ISLAM - The religion which I call man made by man for man with no other higher purpose other than to enslave human beings from thinking with their own minds, voice their opinions, be free from persecution and diversity and allow women to act and live in equal standards to men.

Apparently they do not do anything of the sort. We've seen the killings, we know on what basis Islam is founded. Where I am, priests and people who have spread the so called 'Islamophobia' had to correct themselves even though they know that what they have said is right, as they fear that they may otherwise be preaching racism.

How is that fair?

Aren't ISIS, the current terror of the world, who are killing, torturing, raping, enforcing sex slavery, performing genocide on all ages and genders irrespective of who they are or where they come from ...racist themselves?

What on earth is the difference? In my area they are calling me 'Racist' for speaking truth. That I am in fact against an Isalmified Europe is no news because I am. The thing is that unless we in the west do not start taking action from now, they won't stop. They are close to gaining their target and they will if we keep on playing - 'saints'.

We in the west are becoming weakened by the Islamic world and soon enough unless we take our stance, they will indeed outrule us all.


My argument here in truth is that people can live in what belief they want, so long as they can co-exist with others peacefully. Since it seems impossible then, what is one meant to do? I'm not conforming to their views, they wont' conform to ours either, conflict is created, one will start fighting for justice, freedom and equality, the other for their own belief and race ...their cause. Who is exactly right and why?

Islam preaches the following in their 'Holy' book called the Quran and they also call it the 'religion of peace' :


and this is what you call the religion of peace? I'm not too sure here, I think it's just mass manipulation of the ignorant as usual. I mean what sort of god would preach such tyranny and violence? - it's just so awfully contradictory it's almost sickening.

If they were really preaching 'peace' then why is there so much chaos going on in the middle east? Everyone knows by now that ISIS, is following what there is written in 'Jihad' contexts of the Quran which is racist!

I suggested that if Muslims cannot exist in co-existence with us ( and practice their belief so long as we are all left in peace) then they should be returned to where they belong where they might be accepted if they are lucky since ISIS apparently accepts no in-between's so to speak. I also said that if they do not want to conform to our rules ( which includes the banning of burkas & hijab) and allow themselves to be protected by European standards and moral code then their place isn't amongst us.

Harsh words of course, but it's called culture and possibly race preservation which ( at least in my area) apparently is accepted by few and condoned by many which is unjust.

My response to these people was "You reap what you sow, and people will ultimately get what they deserve"

Finally, I also think this 'racist' thing needs to stop if it's present on both ends, which I believe it is, on different standards and belief, then I also believe that the dice is rolling on both ends, hence a wrong way of judging things.

What do you all think about this? I'm curious.



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PostSubject: Re: Islam - made by man for man or not?    Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:31 pm

The only consolation is that the goddess Athena, the sword of free thought, likes to do battle with barbarians.

It appears that there is no way out besides fierce battle. By the pen and by the sword.

The racist card is obviously nonsensical. Though Islam is originally a pan Arab religion, it is now carried by the 'Aryan' Persians, the Mongol Turks, and the Asiatic Indonesians, Africans, - the racist motive is eminently irrelevant. But the card is often quickly played by the insecure mind -- many muslims naturally sense the idiocy of the proposed cosmology, but so deeply fear condemning it themselves that they refuse to debate on theological grounds with Christians or Buddhist or an other type, and refuse to engage science or philosophy as well. Politics is their only means left - hence the racist card, which is simply an opportunistic slandering move.

As much as I cant stand muslim behavior, I ca very much enjoy the company of Arabs, when they are just shooting the shit, at which they're experts. I certainly do not look down on them as a type. They often seem to know how to take their religion as the joke that it is. For Persians, who are much more serious, it's a more problematic religion. I think much of the conflict is caused by Iran turning radically Shi ite. They should be turned back to Zoroastrianism.


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Islam - made by man for man or not?
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