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 Templar Templates

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PostSubject: Templar Templates   Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:47 pm

I've made some sketches.
The issue is light.
These structures are meant to be glass or otherwise transparent materials, and in some cases in the middle, the idea is a geiser, or a fountain, which shoots hot (or in hot places cool) water against the glass ceilings where it comes into contact with the colder air outside and the condense presses gently down in light amalgamated crystalline vapor to breathe along with the mind-untangling play of light and natural hum of the Earth, which becomes audible in such chambers. There is no relevant limit to the size, it would be possible to have entire housing projects in such forms where the communal space is made geometric and transparent , it could commercially suits any sort of health or recreational application, but the function as I imagined it is more of a straight forward "church", a place where one practices a moral contemplation into the nature of self and world. Smaller shrines can be manage out of crystal. The glass ceilings are simply a means to let the real gods do their work. No priest must be empowered to claim these wonders. Imagine a starry night, or a thunderstorm, or a sahara sunrise.

( I just found back the notebook these were drawn in, it was 2007, a summer in New York.


" The strong do what they can do and the weak accept what they have to accept. "
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Templar Templates
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