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 A thought on evolution

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PostSubject: A thought on evolution   Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:27 am

I wrote this a few days ago.

El desierto que propone The Matrix es real, pero no es el desierto de una inmemorable decepcion. Es el desierto para la satisfaccion de instintos que no pueden existir sin los logros generados por la satisfaccion de otros.

The desert that The Matrix suggests is real, but it isn't the desert of a tragic inaction and deception. It is the desert for the satisfaction of instincts that cannot exist without the achievements generated by the satisfaction of other instincts.


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PostSubject: Re: A thought on evolution   Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:25 am

So a rising up through progressive limitation of what exists, setting things against each other in contrast and exception until a 'balance' emerges that could only exist atop that vast desert and virtuality of delimitation? If there is a 'balance' then whatever does not totally fit into that homogeneity is going to stand out, i.e. act as a point of reference (be a salient referent to consciousness, what we are "thinking or feeling" at any given moment).

The experience of that balance, as feeling, becomes synonymous with happiness in so far as the balance is reflected back something able to touch upon those instincts which most rise out of the total matrix-system, given the parameters of any given moment.

But is this an explanation of a trap and state to be overcome, or simply of the way things are and always are/will be? I would think energetic-causal relations are always seeking these kinds of balanced-delimited forms, generating 'perspectives' which emerge and materialize out of themselves. Each perspective-quanta must exercise itself upon whatever is around it, the more so the closer to itself either in terms of space, time, or kind.

Evolution, then, is the dynamic interactions of perspective-quantas conducive to larger machines able to absorb and direct in unison those quanta, creating more massive points of view and organizations of "instinct" (capacity to (re-)act). Better perspectives cannot be defined only as those which survive, because that is hopelessly circular; they must be defined as those which possess and create certain results more than others, those results being akin to the range, depth, accuracy of perspective, which is all related to the inwardness and internal logics and the ability to 'be an identity' each perspective has and is able to participate in beyond itself. You can't have one instinct participating in a consciousness larger than itself unless that instinct is already been codified into a more or less stable entity, it "knows itself" on some lower dimension which that larger consciousness has only limited access to, and the push and pull between that one instinct's point of view necessity and the point of view necessity of the larger participatory mind creates meta-perspective, a third and middle term, a triad as Parodites a la Peirce would say: a relating term that cannot be reduced to either of its relatants. A new, ideal or what I would also call factual being.  

Evolution isn't even interesting, in so far as this is all it is, a statement about the basic setup 'under the ideal',  but once we get into ideal and factual dynamics it gets a lot more interesting and we can't really use the word evolution to cover it all-- we need to transition over to other words, like truth, life and death, love, and above all, philosophy.


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A thought on evolution
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