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 To Understand a Broken Heart

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PostSubject: To Understand a Broken Heart   Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:58 pm

A broken heart is the product of a lost investment. The feeling of loss is compounded by the realization that the investment was missinformed, either by supply, demand, production capacity, whatever. I mean this very literaly, I don't think I have seen many hearts more broken than those that have lost sizeable fortunes.

If the lost investment was big or small is perhaps less imortant in terms of recovery than the size of wealth accrued before the investment went south.

Now, of course, a failed innitiative is not always a lost investment. Your sales of your new model of shoes can prove a big improvement to your shoe company if the investment is big enough and you have maintained mechanisms to weather that kind of storm.


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To Understand a Broken Heart
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