'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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 God Save Pope Francis

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PostSubject: God Save Pope Francis   Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:43 pm

And give him long life.

Who said God is dead? Jesus is not dead yet. And he was fixing never to be.

This guy is a saint.

We would not be able to do any work without people like him: faith to idealism! This is perhaps the only politics that matters.

Other, of course, than the overriding politics of enlivening philosophy. But that's a different, more focused, more important politics.
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PostSubject: Re: God Save Pope Francis   Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:06 pm

The church does tend to learn from its mistakes.


" The strong do what they can do and the weak accept what they have to accept. "
- Thucydides
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God Save Pope Francis
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