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 Religion and Quality of Human

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PostSubject: Religion and Quality of Human   Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:39 pm

Religion is a reflection of a society's hights. In this sense, we can discriminate between higher and lower societies, more and less blessed. As with many things, Christianity has warped this valuation, but Nietzsche didn't hesitate, as neither do any of us, to expound the greatness of Greek culture, deeply reflected in their religion. It is not a matter of backwardness or progressiveness of society through time, but of quality of spirit. In this sense, Israel is a very high spirit, and it is this truth that masks Christianity's claims of inevitable progression with themselves as the pinnacle. They were sublime enough to be up there with the Greeks, though through very different paths, with starkly different justification. A great danger it is to seek a progression here between the two, and even Christianity claims its own ground hence. The ground of the abolition of unscrutinized hubris. But Christianity, as its founding myths suggest, only claims its own greatness and hight of spirit after it is dead.

We free spirits, we belong to neither of these greatnesses, they all belong to us. To the free spirit, it must be admitted, the Israeli quality of human is the least digestible in terms of our own valuings, and perhaps it is precicely here that it claims its hight to us: that which seeks most to self-value in the Gods appart from man. Thus, as always has been the case, the Israelis will have to continue being the chosen people, not fit neither for prozelitation nor adaptation. The "one true god," and the keepers of His gates.

Hail, Israel!
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Religion and Quality of Human
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