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 Points of agreement now

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PostSubject: Points of agreement now    Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:33 am

1. Trump is being judged based almost entirely on the lewd statements he makes; I agree this isn't entirely fair to him, and his ideas, policies and value do not reduce to such statements. But as I also told Fixed, it's hard for mostly people and even intelligent ones to separate the two things out, his ideas/value from the disgusting things he says. As Zizek called it, Trump is defecating in public. We all defecate, of course, but it's not very sound advice to do that publically if you're trying to get elected to public office.

2. Clintonism has fucked things up to an extreme extent, US foreign policy has messed up the world and the ME especially. I agree with Parodites' statement when he talked about how the US should use its constitution as a model and any other countries that want to adopt that model could do so, but that we haven't done that in the US because of how corrupt our politics has become. The Bush and Clinton years have represented doubling down on invasive foreign policy, economic and real warfare, fucking with Russia for basically no good reason, and trying to institute US cheeseburger hegemony across the planet as much as possible. We all know Clinton is a liar and not to really trusted, but we know this at the deep intuitive level.

3. We need "outsiders" in politics. I don't mean complete outsiders, we still need politicians who know how to use the political system and who understand it and can get things done, and we also need these semi-outsider politicians to value compromise just a little bit. If the GOP can come up with come candidates who have moderate political experience and genuine interest to compromise to get things done, and who aren't ideological hacks on issues like global warming, then there might be a chance that this momentum Trump created will continue and transition into something good down the line. We also need a real statesman, something clearly Trump has a hard time with. Someone like Trump but with better manners in public to avoid shooting himself in the foot, but with Trump's independence to call out the bullshit on the Clintons et. al., but also with a willingness to compromise and look sincerely at facts around issues that are ideologically polarized. The good thing about Trump is how he broke open the GOP party and now it's possible that the ideological stranglehold can be reduced in a large way.


"...out of my Will to Health and to Life I made my philosophy...." --Nietzsche

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Points of agreement now
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