'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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 Before The Light forum rules

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PostSubject: Before The Light forum rules   Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:18 pm

Welcome to Before The Light.

This public forum has been set up as a space for a productive development of ideas in philosophy as well as in other subjects of thought. The aim of Before The Light is to promote and secure the possibility for active, ambitious and free thinking. A corollary of this is that the thought engendered here is intended to be powerful, potent and vital with respect to its various consequences and necessitated implications. We aim to encouraging the development of powerful, direct and subtle approaches to the various potentialities latent to consciousness and the human condition in all its myriad forms, including among these the capacity and will to envision and thus directly influence and shape the future conditions of humanity.

It is due to the nature of these above-stated aims that all discussion on this site must be honestly intended and of the highest quality. This means, among other things, that: content posted here must be free from regression into petty personally insult, free from trolling and spaming, and free from sophistry and other malicious intentions. This site quite simply cannot function if any of these behaviors or tactics are allowed. It should also be noted that posts without intellectual or aesthetic value will be removed to keep the pathways for the development of thought clear. Additionally, posts containing value but also degenerative or malicious material may be moderated or the poster may be asked to do this him or herself.

This is a site for self-critical and responsible individuals who respect the power and responsibility of thinking. If you are such an individual please know that you are sincerely welcome and appreciated here. We aim to include all manner of perspectives, philosophies, ideals and visions, and we also ask that members discipline themselves to their own proper and honest perspectives and actively try to draw these perspectives to advancing consequences. Please note that this is not a place to communicate whichever dogma one holds or to agitate against thoughts one perceives as dogmatic, as has unfortunately been or become the rule in various other fora. We ask posters to consciously uphold nobler, more emotionally and intellectually challenging aims to always allow for open, honest and fruitful exchanges and, where possible, the integration of ideational perspectives differing from one's own.

On a side note, the creators of Before The Light have developed a philosophy which has been named "value ontology". You will find it easy to locate on this site various explanations of what this philosophical perspective is and entails. Know that it has been this thought and its potential that have provided the initial inspiration for the creation of the site.


Before The Light staff


"We must, now armed with such a language, realize the “transcendental unity of ideas,” through a new morality that aims, not to hypostasize experience and grasp in positive knowledge a series of particular virtues and vices, but rather to fully explicate this continuity; where philosophy exists to represent this transcendental order, morality most exist to mediate the two spheres, the spheres of experience and ideality." -Parodites

"Was it necessary for the sense of truth that Nietzsche described as developed by the Judeo-Christian tradition that then manifested itself in the scientific methodology to turn against the symbolic foundation of that structure and demolish it... Jung's answer was that the conflict between science and religion is a consequence of the immature state of both of those domains of thinking... it's just that we aren't good enough at being religious or at being scientific to see how they might be reconciled." -Jordan Peterson
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Before The Light forum rules
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