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 Rush Limbaugh is either a globalist or an idiot

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PostSubject: Rush Limbaugh is either a globalist or an idiot    Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:42 pm

Today Rush said, referencing an article I don't remember the name or author of, that Putin would not have wanted Trump and would have preferred Hilary. His argument was that Democrats are historically friendly with communism. ...yeah.

He was trying to discredit the idea that Russia tried to get Trump elected, not by saying that there's no evidence for that, which there isn't, but by saying that Russia would have liked Hilary. His evidence was that back in the USSR days the Democrats in the US were friendly to Soviet ideas.

So he completely skipped over recent history where Clinton represents not the "Democratic party" but the globalist neoliberal elite, who aren't any different from the Bush's of the world. He also skipped the part of where Trump wants to reign in NATO, ostensibly anyway, which NATO is basically a giant harassment bloc against Russia and at the behest of anti-nationalist globalism. So either Rush is totally ignorant of how Hilary and all the rest are globalists trying to bring down Russia, or he is deliberately muddying the waters by pretending we are still in the 1980s.


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PostSubject: Re: Rush Limbaugh is either a globalist or an idiot    Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:55 am

Rush is likely back on drugs again.

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Rush Limbaugh is either a globalist or an idiot
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