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 Bannon vs. Kushner

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PostSubject: Bannon vs. Kushner   Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:11 pm

Trump will find the polarity between Bannon and his son in law is bigger than himself. As such, it should be a compass to him. Bannon has to accept this, too - the US is too great and woven-basket-like of a power structure to absolutely disband with its networking system without suffering drastic setbacks and failures. Kushner needs to be seen as oil, he makes things palatable for those at the levers of power. But Bannon is required to grind his teeth, and make Trump see the downside of such things - but critically for his deep insights into the psyche of the west, as well as an uncanny instinct for opportunity.  Kushner is the passive arm, there to mediate with standing powers - Bannon an active, masculine force of reason. It's therefore hard to control him and I hope Bannon himself is able to deal with a Trump who is changing from an inspired mind on the rise to power to a pragmatic governing mind.

if Bannon can laugh about certain things, the inevitability of the feminine aspect of things, its sneaky ways of edging forward like water, then the White House will become a place to remember fondly and with pride - as the path not taken is infinitely worse than the path that now leads us, even as these paths now acquire a certain daemonic resonance. That is necessary, the other path is our Jungian shadow, the gnome in the corner of the dream.


" The strong do what they can do and the weak accept what they have to accept. "
- Thucydides
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Bannon vs. Kushner
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