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 European Eugenics

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Fixed Cross
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PostSubject: European Eugenics   European Eugenics Icon_minitimeTue Sep 05, 2017 10:08 am

Fixed Cross wrote:
Void_X_Zero wrote:
When a nation allows mass immigration into itself, it is loosening its standards, its values. This represents a slackening of self-valuing, a weakening of the consistency of the valuing entity/entities.
Either that, or it means the the population wasn't substantial enough to form a society. Thats the case in the USA, which consists entirely of immigrants and has always derived its greatest creative genius from immigration, and bloodlines new to the country.

Of course this does not mean that immigration should just come form anywhere.
People were sent back all the time if they were in shitty health or talked or looked like morons.

Quote :
When immigration is curbed, this represents a closure and return to a more consistent valuing standard.
It could mean that, at least-
it doesn't guarantee it.
It stil relies on whether there is a viable, revivable standard left. Which in the case of Holland, for example, I question.

Quote :
Optimum valuing is found in a balance between mass immigration and no immigration. No immigration represents not selecting at all, or selecting too severely, whereas mass immigration represents selecting based on insufficient standards.
Yes. Mass immigration is just giving up on the present society.
And to be honest Im stating to suspect this is actually the ground, the reason, it may be a scheme played from very high up to replenish the gene pool with more vital, less conditioned, more "healthy savage" type blood.

I dont put it beyond them. Certainly not beyond the Germans, who are evidently the ones coordinating all this.
It may all be eugenics.

Which would be the reason why the Germans have taken in mostly Turks, which are on the whole powerful monsters of energy, and all the other countries take in Arabs, who are a far broader, looser, and poorer group, not as concentrated in force and intelligence. Turks and Arabs do not get along.

So this ties in perfectly with your OP - the Germans understand immigration, they understand that it is either a means or a poison, whereas the other nations just suppose it is nothing at all, and just have it happen to them, as they have life happen to them in general.

Quote :
This issue of immigration and the balance between too much and too little immigration has an economic corollary, in the job and wages markets. You need influx of talent and labor, and capital, into your nation, but too much influx of talent and labor displaces the current talent and labor that already exists there, driving wages down by reducing the competitiveness of existing labor by flooding the market with 'workers'; likewise, too much influx of capital from outside will disturb existing capital in the nation, causing destabilizations of existing markets and standards/patterns.
And on a more eugenic, basic, "evil", a-human scale it means revitalizing the gene pool.
In this sense you can also see why the Swedish and German governments basically encourage rape.

Finally that starts to make sense to me. It was too insane to be just stupidity - it makes perfect sense in terms of a philosophy of eugenic that bases itself on the fact that Europes birthrate is declining, which generally is taken to mean that the vigour of biology is in decline.

Quote :
In terms of this issue of influx of capital, think about someone winning the lottery: some average joe suddenly wins 100 million dollars. How does this affect him and his life, his standards and self-value? It disturbs and intoxicates him. He is not prepared to value such an immense wealth, so that immense wealth instead values him.
Haha, yes.

Another case in point:

Obviously, if the agenda wasn't to advocate rape, the police would have at least put out a mild warning to the perpetrator, and those who seek to follow his example. As it is, this only serves as an encouragement. "Please continue and embolden yourselves in raping our women, we will continue to put the blame on them." This is very literally and directly the message.

I wonder how many children have been born of this sort of thing yet - I would guess its not going as fast as the authorities would like. I suggest they try to invent some ways of making it appealing for the woman as well, so that Wilhelm IIs plans aren't thwarted by that nasty technology of abortion.
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European Eugenics
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