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'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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PostSubject: Music.   Music. Icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2012 2:53 pm

I have nearly one thousand links to some great music in my bookmarks. I will be emptying them into this thread, over time.

Buckethead - Animal Behavior Outro - Portland Oregon 9/4/95

Buckethead - Interworld/Animal Behavior - GRII '97 SF,CA

Buckethead Praxis - Transmutation 5

Jonas Hellborg & Shawn Lane - Wherever You Walk

Vivaldi - Concerto for Two Violins in A Minor RV522

Sueño de amor - Franz Liszt

Cesar Cui - Preludes Op.64 No.9 - MARGARET FINGERHUT

Sviatoslav Richter plays Scriabin Etude Op. 8 No. 11

Hellborg, Shawn Lane, Marchesini - Baraji (New Delhi, India - 23rd Feb 2003)

Buckethead - In Search Of The... "Last Light" (studio) Vol.6 Track 3

Buckethead, Hanging Gallows.

Buckethead and Travis Dickerson - Terra Firma

"From The Bottom Of My Soul" - Eddie Hazel

California Dreamin' - Eddie Hazel

Axiom Funk - Pray My Soul w/ Eddie Hazel

Buckethead - Scraps

Buckethead- Ms. Beasley.

Buckethead - Inferno

Buckethead (2005-10-31) Hartford - Frozen Brains Tell No Tales

Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile), Santana

Blues Saraceno - Remember When (Live)

Cacophony - Images
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