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'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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 From Philosophy to Religion

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James S Saint
rational metaphysicist
rational metaphysicist

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PostSubject: From Philosophy to Religion   From Philosophy to Religion Icon_minitimeSun Feb 12, 2012 11:44 am

James S Saint wrote:
Jayson wrote:
From Philosophy to Religion P3531971

That's pretty much it.
Wow, a kindred spirit..

James S Saint wrote:
A Contemporary Philosophy/Religion

Tethered by reality;
    There is the ongoing cause of all that is (a.k.a. “The God”).
    There is the order and chaos brought about by that cause (a.k.a. “The Universe”).
    There is the adversary to every life (a.k.a. “The Devil”).
    And there is you.. an instance of life (a.k.a. “You”).

The rest is just noise


Amongst all the noise there are many entities great and small, all vying for attention and ultimate influence – “God wannabes”. Some are mindless formations propagating through their circumstances. Some are forms of life, temporarily struggling to survive, not really knowing why and certainly not how, but merely presuming a purpose, need, and desire. Most all merely adding their bit to the noise.


Coming up next;
THE Unified Field Theory/Law and Grand Unified Theory/Law
– The now proven and demonstratable law/s that govern ALL noise.
From Philosophy to Religion Snrps110

Now you have not merely A religion, but The Religion of all religions.
The God (the actual/real ongoing Creator of all entities) is within the equation.
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PostSubject: Re: From Philosophy to Religion   From Philosophy to Religion Icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2012 12:10 pm

Break this equation down, define the variables?
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James S Saint
rational metaphysicist
rational metaphysicist

Posts : 244
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Join date : 2011-12-26

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PostSubject: Re: From Philosophy to Religion   From Philosophy to Religion Icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2012 3:36 pm

Psychologically I am supposed to leave it and let you work out the mystery (becoming the meditative monk).
..but since I'm sure that wouldn't happen any time soon...

SNR = Signal to Noise Ratio
μ = signal mean
σ = standard deviation
Po = Initial Perception
Ps = Signal Perception
The Bar | = limit from -1 to +1

The signal to noise ratio is a function of the initial perception, Po.
A feedback effect takes place exponentially enhancing the SNR as a function of the perception (raised to the power of P).
But nothing is possible until something is impossible;
There is a maximum positive or negative SNR, +1,-1

An entity begins sorting the noise.
Depending upon the sum effect of the noise, its own perception chooses; positive, negative, or neutral biases.
The entity is stable once the maximum has been reached and prejudiced to remain as it formed (hysteresis).
Thus Catholic will always be Catholic, Judist will always be Judist, Muslim will always be Muslim, and so on (the entities, not the people).
A person who has reached the maximized perception of their religion cannot change because they cannot see anything any other way.


The situation is that the varying function called SNR is the mean signal level divided by the standard deviation, but it always begins with a bias that is determined by the initial condition of its perception, Po (its initial ability to detect signal).

But the perception changes as signals and noise filter in and thus there is a Ps, perceived signal.
Once a signal is perceived, the ability to perceive alters in the same direction as the signal, enhancing the perception of the signal and reducing the potential of the noise (listening to only what you already decided was worth hearing). That effect, a type of positive feedback control causes a hysteresis that amplifies agreeable signals compared to all else, "the noise". That amplification is expressed as a raising to the power of the Ps. The eyes and ears instinctively adjust so as to attenuate the noise and thus increase the SNR.


C... wrote:
Madre de dios! Thanks.

De Nada
C... wrote:
Does this though take account of someone who abandons faith. I can't see anyone with bias having any other way than to go into a "positive". The feedback must be somewhat variable no?

What happens involves the level of noise interfering with positive signal. Satan's menions versus Christian missionaries, Nazi propaganda versus Judistic guile, or similar. A single individual, unless he represents the very core of the entity, is persuadable, and more so, the younger or less previously biased. The effort of all propaganda is to ensure more of the "proper" signal such that eventually all else is discarded as merely objectionable noise.
C... wrote:
SNR suggests only that the individual filters out the noise according to his bias, it does not take account of people who either are atheists suddenly converting, or religionists suddenly de-converting? Are we destined by bias to eventually filter out all that we find irrelevant because of our bias? Or do some people actually change their minds? A somewhat difficulty thing to predict given a non neutral bias.

All entities, as a truly universal principle, convert noise to their own internal harmony, else they perish ("self-valuing"). My particular stance (religion) is that of the "Neutral Perception". I convert everything I hear by intentionally (though I don't need to try any longer) looking for the potential of the opposite of what has been presented without discarding what has been presented. It takes more thought and effort so it is far more rare, but the objective is simply to keep alert to the accurate potential of hope or threat by creating a bias (an insistence and habit) of seeking out the entire picture regardless of where the information is coming from = neutral hysteresis.

Those who are converted from whatever they were to anything else, were simply hit by more opposing signal such as to flip their inner harmony/paradigm and thereby altering their perception to the new bias. As I stated, the "particle" isn't actually stable until it reaches the maximum possible potential. Before that maximum is reached, anything can be converted into anything else depending merely on the momentum involved.

All of this is exactly true of sub atomic particles, religions, and any physical entity. As a physics particle is beginning to form, in effect, it chooses whether it will become positive, negative, or neutral. But it is not locked into that decision until the seed of the particle has reached its maximum potential. At that stage, any noise approaching is literally converted, positive to negative or negative to positive, and even charged to uncharged (my neutral perception). That is what causes particles to be particles and remain stable. When you eat, you do the same thing. You convert what you are eating into something harmonious with what you are.

Rejection comes into play by something not being able to be converted. If the body cannot digest the substance, it has various means to get rid of it. If it cannot get rid of it or isolate from it, the body is in jeopardy of dieing. Cancer is an example wherein the body cannot identify that the cell is not of the body and thus does nothing to get rid of it. But anything that is not participating in the functioning of the body (or mind for that matter) is necessarily getting in the way and preventing greater momentum to the harmony.

Electrons don't crash into protons specifically because the affect of the proton cannot convert the core of the electron and thus once the electron gets too close, it is repelled and remains being attracted, yet never accepted, thus orbiting in futility. Abramic religions do that same thing when they have specific requirements that forbid certain types of people to ever reach the top. The person might be highly interested and devout, but perhaps due to their race, they could never hope to be a Jewish or Muslim leader. Thus they are forever stuck futily "orbiting" what they desire. A poor person often ends up in that same position when they long for items such as a particular car, or the sexy babe. The car is defended by its price tag... as is the babe. If the person wants either, he must convert from being a poor person.

There are ways to get around the simple filtering mechanisms, but I don't want to get into that. There is more than enough manipulation going on all around you already, biased signals hidden within the perceived signal and obscured by the noise.

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From Philosophy to Religion
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