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 Reasonable discussion with a feminist

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Reasonable discussion with a feminist Empty
PostSubject: Reasonable discussion with a feminist   Reasonable discussion with a feminist Icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2018 6:32 am

For once, here (below) is a feminist being reasonable and in control of her emotions, nice to see. She is still pretty dumb, but you know. Baby steps. Also she's not to bad to look at (micro aggression! lol)

What's interesting is that Crowder deconstructs her ideas and finds the kernel of them, although he doesn't actually identify it: her entire position can be summed up as, "People tend not to like extreme changes from what has been more or less normal and expected." Although of course she doesn't realize this is her position either.

Yep, that is a fact of life. We are driven to maintain and seek expectations, obviously that is problematic when taken too far but also obviously it is problematic when taken too far in the other direction as well... and regardless of that, it is simply a FACT OF LIFE that we, and indeed all life, has a certain framework for what constitutes normal/expected experiences and if deviated too far outside of that will react adversely.

So that is really the kernel at the bottom of this modern-day radical SJW intersectional feminism thing. They are upset that there is such a thing as "a normal expected experience". Ironic, since these feminists are exactly the same way themselves, not just in general terms of being a human in their daily lives but also in terms of their own echo chambers, safe spaces, etc. Feminists have a different standard for what is normal for them to experience - despite that this is not actually normal in reality - and they react adversely when that norm is deviated from. Feminists are even more reactive because it doesn't even need to be an extreme deviation from the (their assumed and imagined) norm, often the smallest deviation triggers huge adverse reactions from them.

So the feminist in this video acknowledges that women have equal rights as men in modern society. Good to see. She tries to claim there are social rather than systemic "advantages" that men enjoy, Crowder points out plenty of advantages that women enjoy over men in modern society. He should have elaborated the point that however you break down people into groups you will always find some advantages here and disadvantages there, this is again just another fact of life. Reality is not some Marxist utopia of perfect "ekwuality". And it never will be. Reality does not work that way, reality thrives on differences. It is impossible to even imagine a situation where no differences existed, certainly if such a situation were imposed no one would want it, including feminists and women (but they would probably pretend that they like it anyway, to adhere to the ideological orthodoxy to which they are so religiously aligned).

Oh yeah, and at the end they talk about transgenderism and Crowder points out that it makes no sense to say on the one hand that a woman can be born into a male body and then on the other hand that gender is not biological. She counters that gender is not biological but "assigned at birth due to arbitrary gender constructs". But that isn't an argument either, since even disregarding Crowder's accurate point that trans people are trying to model themselves after the "arbitrary gender constructs" that the feminists themselves seem to have a problem with, it makes no sense to say that someone can "feel like the other gender" without explaining how that feeling arises... which of course the feminist never does, because she could not explain it. Particularly in light of her claim that babies born with a penis feel like and identify as male only because they are forced into arbitrary gender male constructs, so for what reason would such a person ever "feel like" the other gender, if they have been exposed only to pressures from the one side? At what point does that feeling appear and for what reasons? Of course no feminist would ever say, because it would demonstrate that such people have something inborn into them which causes those feelings despite gendered socialization, and would therefore refute the feminist's own point. Either that, or the arbitrary gender norms are working in the inverse upon such trans people, which should be equally problematic for the feminist's position.


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Reasonable discussion with a feminist
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