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 A higher Daemonic

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A higher Daemonic  Empty
PostSubject: A higher Daemonic    A higher Daemonic  Icon_minitimeSat May 19, 2018 1:35 pm

I’ve identified one, it exists between two hard to describe poles; each pole is itself full of Daemonic tensions already, these two poles loosely are: 1) hedonist globalist materialist flattening, and 2) human meaning as earthy phenomenological ground. 2 resists 1, but feels the pressure and terror of knowing that this world history cannot be slowed down in total but only in one’s own life, one’s own value-sphere. Hence as 1 increases so does 2.

And there are all sort of complex mediations in between 2 and 1. Within this medial space exists the ground that will appear and reorient 2 and 1 to itself, remaking them. Some people live entirely in 1 or 2, but most people live somewhere in the middle. And it takes an immense philosophy to do that interior orientating in a conscious manner, rather than being a merely unconscious reflection of it.

The future is going to be very interesting.


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“A man is not great if he is not small, and he is not small if he is not great. Concepts flirt with the loss of their significance in the oscillation between ambiguous states, and this is in part the function and purpose of concepts.” -Primer on Meaning
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A higher Daemonic
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