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 Quick rage quit on abortion, lol

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Quick rage quit on abortion, lol Empty
PostSubject: Quick rage quit on abortion, lol   Quick rage quit on abortion, lol Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2018 5:59 pm


You: Do you want to talk about abortion?
Stranger: Yes!
Stranger: Are you for or against?
You: I am against a woman deliberately killing her own offspring
Stranger: That is a very narrow view
You: Not at all, it is the definition of what abortion is
You: How would you define abortion?
Stranger: What about babies born to drug addicts or prostitutes?
You: So what? Many great people are born to challenging situations including bad homes. Besides, you cannot prejudge a life like that, you have no idea how it will turn out
You: If you ask someone who was born in those circumstances, Hey don't you wish you had been aborted? Do you seriously think they will say yes?
Stranger: I don't understand the question.
You: Are you aware there are around 20 families in the US waiting to adopt for every 1 available baby?
Stranger: It is about the greater good, what kind of society we should have
Stranger: It matters if it is early in the pregnancy, in the early development stages it is fine, after that abortion is wrong
You: You cannot define a line at which it becomes wrong to abort
Stranger: That is true
You: Therefore what you said makes no sense
Stranger: If the organs are functioning
You: As I said, you cannot draw a line where suddenly it is wrong to abort. Go ahead and try if you want to
Stranger: You need to have compassion for the mothers
You: 1) You cannot prejudge a life, 2) Abortion is by definition a woman killing her own offspring, 3) You cannot define a line at which abortion suddenly becomes wrong, 4) There are 20 families waiting to adopt for every 1 available child, 5) Many great people come from challenging situations including broken homes, 6) The developing human being is, by definition, a developing human being, regardless of which "early stage" it is at or not
You: Which point do you want to address first?
Stranger has disconnected.
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Quick rage quit on abortion, lol
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