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'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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 Cognitive Dissonance

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Cognitive Dissonance Empty
PostSubject: Cognitive Dissonance   Cognitive Dissonance Icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2018 4:12 pm

From Cognitive Dissonance - ish

No, the point is that there is only one thing Man feels he has to do, and that is come to terms with his mind.

Man and Mind are more or less the same etymologically even thought they trace different geographic routes, it is impossible for a man to structurally not think. The remedy man has for having to think all the time except in some moments of hard fought bliss, is thinking about things. Because thought by itself is unendurable. Yet this is what I was faced with as a kid; thought as such. I think I compared it to what gold is to Uncle Scrooge, what though is for me. I was greedy for it, to be sure. I sought through what I found the deepest concepts, the universe in its not infinite allness, the certainty of god even though he doesn't exist, the hole in the centre of the Thing, all this obsessed me if I wasn't playing outside and breaking things with my friends, and it kept obsessing me to be sure even when I did drugs and found out that the questions were actually things in themselves. From that moment on the cognitive dissonance was omnipresent and a kind of firmament for me of the possibilities to come - for where there is so much in error, surely there will be a sweeping wind of clarity at one moment? And yes, this moment arrived, in a period where Zizek had triggered an interest in a Lacanian take on Heidegger and thus Nietzsche, where without-music called my attention to the bias implicit in science, and everything fell into place. In that moment I had resolved every existential, philosophical and scientific problem that had take on the brutal form of my mind at one point. A war of industrial mayhem was resolved into a single ring of power. Then I started to really think, solve problems, make moral changes possible, form "armed forces", make enemies, cast influence. Now I can begin to engage my oldest dreams. This was all a task set by my disposition and the changes e are going through as a species and a solar system. We've come out of a wobble redirecting our course across another human eternity, and the world has become one in time and space through our inventions, a moment that only occurs the once in the existence of the species. We have endured and are enduring the most intense pressures possible by virtue of this planet; this is the time to begin stewarding the Earth. This what cognitive dissonance is, in the end; feebleness of Man before his real task. Inability to think as a form of acting. Disloyalty before the Earth, or the simple misfortune of not being up to it.

Thinking about things; lets say to take thought as a functional device, something that is justified and more or less defined as a servant to the teleology of the self or the community. In the end however the problem arises when one has accomplished all earthy things and rests - one begins to think unnecessarily about setting more challenges or solving more problems. Thought has a nature and we might as well come to terms with it. It is not the just servant of teleology, it is the prophet of it - though a Prometheus, foresight is not anticipation but planning, strategizing with what is to come. A surfer or a field lieutenant, a trader or a kid learning to walk, they are not merely enduring what life throws at them, they are creating what it is to be alive by causing trouble for others doing the same. Engage and entwine, the double Helix or "encroaching units of will to power" from the old German notebooks. This all left me with a simple question, just as physics does; if entities do not touch, but relate as if they do, what is the means of transference? I did not seek the aethir between things, I sought the technique the cosmos has whereby entities transcend what they are so as to still be what they are the next moment. Of course this technique is omnipresent in what is. All philosophy is centered around the establishment of values - but I took rather the verb as the substantive. I revaluated valuing into itself as the core of all things, the thing by which things relate, encroach, exist in terms of each other and thus themselves. Consciousness is then the surface effect of interlaying tapestries of valuing tendencies going through magnificent phase shifts. Thought is the reverberation of itself. Which means the world "about" which it thinks is not, only a pandimensional abyss at the edge of which thought-forms go forth like the clown on the tightrope, a spectacle in any case, a magic show that conjures a reality that can distract from the objective nature of the pure hypothesis. Existence is way too subjective (intense) to sit idly by, but thus far the mind had not allowed us freedom to move through this existence as ourselves. We had to do it in the name of some institution or idea. Not in terms of what is actually happening "inside" when the "outside" is happening - not as flame to the sky, not a reaction, only as shadow in a cave, as dark reflection.

Most thought systems have us stand before existence as a soap opera starlet before her lines. This problem I created however shreds all prewritten dialogue and definitely uses natural light and every protagonist has a camera - it gets way too complex to direct. But it certainly is what is actually happening.

When the dissonance stops all that's left is music.

Music is hard work though. And idleness is the devils earpillow.

The grinding problem were talking about is one of not being able to be both sufficiently subjective and objective. Both thought forms and societal structures inhibit the fluid being of both.

Meno_ wrote:
Fixed Cross wrote:
Music is hard work though. And idleness is the devils earpillow.

And most philosophy is done through moments of idleness.

Leisure, good fellow. A different matter.

But yeah, the music is not philosophy it is what comes beyond.

what philosophy sounds like

thats finitely what Hegel sounds like.

et puis

incipit tragoedia

finally tough

with the credits,

Philosophy is thought which had to catch up and make it official. We are alive. Win or lose, concepts of the utmost importance. But win or lose what? What can you really lose? And what, that answer given, is there to gain beside to preserve?

But attack is the best defence.
The philosophic advice is to consolidate your wins and keep the dice hot.... we're playing craps against the walls of eternity.
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Cognitive Dissonance
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