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 the ethicz of killing infants

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the ethicz of killing infants  Empty
PostSubject: the ethicz of killing infants    the ethicz of killing infants  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2018 7:43 am

abortion is a euphemism and politically correct term. i’ll avoid us if it when possible, except to demonstrate this fact.

killing a human fetus in the womb is just a gateway drug to killing human infants after being born. the same person who supports “abortion” will also support sticking a knife in the head of a baby after it’s born, because there is no logical difference, and because the underlying impulses behind both acts are the same.

they are fed a few convenient excuses that have nothing to do with the issue; oh there are too many people on the planet, oh it would have had a bad life being raised by a poor person. those have nothing to do with the issue of killing and the real reasons and impulses for it, they are just excuses useful to let someone blind themselves to their own actions and to the reasons for those actions.

a person who believes in “abortion” will also support forcing abortions on mothers. they may not think they support this but they really do, because there is no logical connection between to who gets to decide if a fetus is killed and the actual killing. does the father have a say, does the grandmother have a say, and why not? does anyone have a say? is the fetus the same as the mother, of does the mother own the fetus? how and why does the mother somehow have the the decision making right when it comes to killing the fetus or not?

that is another euphemism and red herring excuse, this idea that the mother decides for her own body. just because your body happens to be connected to another human life and that upon which another human life depends for now somehow means that you now have a magical ability to decide to kill that other life. or at least that is how the argument goes.

anyone who would advocate a mother deliberately killing her own child, and anyone who would obfuscate the issue with excuses and low level thinking in order to confuse women into thinking it is possibly ok for them to choose to kill their own child, is.... well again, language is too honest for such things, we don’t even have a word for it.
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the ethicz of killing infants
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