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 all about objectifying women

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all about objectifying women Empty
PostSubject: all about objectifying women   all about objectifying women Icon_minitimeMon Oct 01, 2018 8:36 am

Fixed is right... you have all of the porn industry, and then there is hollyweird and TV media/"culture" which is constantly objectifying women. while they hide behind the platitudes of hating how women are objectified.

just imagine it, huge media and entertainment balls and galas where millionaire women give each other awards and go up on red carpets in $10,000 dresses looking like queens meanwhile lecturing everyone who isn't a part of their own little clique about "objectifying women" and "not caring about the poor".

but there is a reason for this.

i wrote something in my third book that begins to touch on this strange truth: by becoming so hypersensitive to a joke, a vulgar comment, the fact that men like women and try to sleep with them, basically by becoming over-reactive to normal human chemistry and psychology the left has actually opened the door to the infinite objectifying of women. there may be no going back now, because as leftism grips culture and this door keeps opening wider, now we are met with things like augmented reality porn and sex robots, all of which is glorified by the so-called "left" entertainment industry.

why is it the case that becoming so hypersensitive and over-reactive to something like a dirty joke or a vulgar comment is causing the exponential increase in the objectifying of women, when on the surface it would seem like this hypersensitive/over-reactive attitude is all about NOT objectifying women? it is because of some deep earth-tetonic logics. zizek touched on this once when he talked about the importance of dirty jokes, racist jokes between people who actually get along more or less or at least tolerate each other's space in society but mediate their differences and potential conflicts with little racist jokes and small animosities that don't go beyond what are basically tiny personality quirks.

but it's even more than this. when men make vulgar statements or sexual jokes about women, they are acknowledging some aspect of reality that is actually real but which they are avoiding by treating it as a joke. what is this aspect of reality? it is the fact that deep in the male brain and psyche is programmed the ability to turn women into objects and pursue them like a predator pursuing prey, all for sexual conquest and lust; it is the ability to forget about love and romance and affection and mutual respect and just go for the pussy like some kind of animal.

small jokes and machoistic vulgar comments about women like "yeah i would hit that" or "damn she got nice tits" or "they let you do it, you can grab them by the pussy" are one of the ways men self-regulate their sexual instinct, keep it more balanced with the rest of their subjectivity. Once you remove this means of self-regulation then the sexual instinct just doesn't go away, it starts to become excessive and push outward through subjectivity. Why do you think so many elitist leftists are basically sexual predators? its not unknown how hollyweird works, or politics for that matter. when political correctness dominates the social and psychological landscapes then the natural balancing mechanisms begin to fail and the raw instinct under the surface becomes to come out, and it is not rational, it does not think, it has no emotions, it is pure raw energy. unless you can channel that somehow into a positive direction you are going to get overpowered by these wolves of your nature, to speak with Nietzsche.

so why do leftists get so over-sensitive in the first place to things like jokes and vulgarness? i think the leftists are really just oversensitive people by nature, they are prone to being oversensitive and hyper-reactive. why? I'm not sure, maybe it varies person to person, maybe it has something to do with their upbringing, maybe it has to do with political correctness pacifying them, maybe they are just naturally more "beta" and it fits into the nature of betas to be this oversensitive and hyper-reactive because betas are always in a state of semi-anxiety due to their lower position on social hierarchies. i do know that leftists often seem to have a lot of self-doubt and negative self-image, a kind of lack of confidence but which is often overcompensated for by a kind of mentalism and self-righteousness, putting blinders on oneself and avoiding mirrors. or maybe many of them are just artistic at heart and the nature of the artist is one of over-sensitivity. or it could be a little bit of all of these things. but for whatever reason, this oversensitivity exists and is creating a feedback loop of a self-feeding cycle on the political left which not only leads to trump derangement syndrome but also leads to a breakdown of the natural relations between men and women.

as these relations break down under further and further leftist politically correct assault, the door begins to inch more and more open for actual sexual exploitation and objectifying of women. it is a sad kind of paradox, or a catch-22. there is a degree of mutual respect that is able to be formulated between men and women but it often exists mixed with feelings of animosity and misunderstanding due to how men and women are different in many ways and it can be hard to speak the same language; these little tensions find outlets in things like vulgar comments, braggadocio before your male friends, or laughing at sexual jokes. and don't doubt that women do all of these same things too when amongst each other, laughing and making vulgar comments and telling sexual jokes about men. and that's fine. because this sort of thing is just a periphery excess that helps mediate the entire psychosocial system of male-female relations.

real earthy, human relationships are never the kind of analytically positivistic perfections that the left apparently thinks they ought to be. they are fraught with differences, and where there is difference there is also some danger, some tension that needs to be mediated somehow. but these little tensions and dangers keep it exciting and interesting for both sides, for men and women, and it is upon such little excitements and novelties that relationships can flourish. men can make fun of women and women can make fun of men, even to each other's faces, to a small degree and this is actually quite healthy in a relationship.
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all about objectifying women
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