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 logic of beliefs

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PostSubject: logic of beliefs    logic of beliefs  Icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2018 1:32 pm

religions and belief systems are really nothing more than languages, words. like a word, a belief means nothing on its own, it exists simply as a representation and expressive symbol for some truth. a word on its own is meaningless, but it has meaning in how the word points to and represents something true and real. this is also how religions and belief in general work.

so it’s not a question of if a religion of belief system is true or not, just like it’s not a question if a word is true or not. words don’t exist, not really; same with religious and other belief systems. what actually exists is the meaning, truth, reality, facts, significance which these mere symbolic systems of represented in point to and allow us to see.

if a word, a religion, or a belief system is able to represent something true then that word, religion or belief system is justified in doing its job. it doesn’t matter if the religion or belief uses “untrue” aspects like ideas of gods or whatever, because those ideas are literally the same type of thing as a word is: just a mostly arbitrary scratching of symbols that has no meaning in itself but is able to be used in a larger system of similar symbols, namely languages, to recall and represent something truthful and real.
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PostSubject: Re: logic of beliefs    logic of beliefs  Icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2018 2:57 pm

Yes, there is no word without assumption and no second word without adding some, the building of any sentence is an expression of complex beliefs.

Some beliefs are built on grammar, the idea that there is a subject and an object and a verb, an activity that should stand separate of these and that yet binds them, etc -
these are relatively deep yet still naive beliefs.

And some beliefs are entirely built of trigger words.
this is the system of any excited, disenfranchised mass.

Trump is one of the few rare folks out there to ever pull this shit who hard just to distract from it, so we can get back to deeper beliefs, built on greatness rather than on triggeredness. You have to use the word, it is fundamentally a tool, and its materials to work on are man, and the art you're creating out of it is what is pitifully called a congregation. A movement.

VO has been pure because it doesn't do this. Its not an easy term to get used to at all, it rearranges your whole mind, it reinforces the whole structure of meaning giving, it annihilates the difference between subject, verb and object. The belief is now restricted to a grammar that disrupts all previous grammar. It is a fundamentally iconoclastic belief, it can't destroy itself because it is already made of the same stuff of what nihilism is made of. It is nihilism rearranged, so that it turns out as earth. The pieces in their place, we see that relativity of values is not a top down condemnation of value but a grond to generate whatever already is of value - such as the sense that there is something of value - from what is irrevocably here, now.

Thats where you don't need words in the first place.
seeing what speaks for itself first without the use of any word.

Of course, if you're in a busy city this can get pretty depressing. Among talking people you need to be talking or you'll be violated and disrupting.
A city is "all talk".
City talk radio, almost a tautology. And in this snow of noise, a new ground to silence and abstinence from belief is born - the jazz like talk that passes the time, in which a pure stoic soul takes hold that believes nothing, and firmly. Such a man can discover a universe of feels in any given thing, that is the advantage. A truly firm nihilist can always be moved by seeing that someone put in a little extra effort. And this is what nature made of, extra effort - and so the nihilist becomes a philosopher, by seeing that to be nihilistic may be true, but apparently just not good enough. This is when envy comes to the aid of wisdom. All sins have their place.
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logic of beliefs
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