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 Dark matter

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PostSubject: Dark matter    Dark matter  Icon_minitimeMon May 20, 2019 7:35 pm

Maybe “dark matter” isn’t really a thing which is why we can’t measure or detect it. So what causes galaxies to rotate together like they do when in fact different parts shouldnt be moving at different speeds like that? Not extra gravity exactly but a kind of organic unity; a galaxy is an organism and as such it holds itself together with VO logic. Gravity is only one aspect of that pure logic. Another aspect is that coherent entities display ...coherence, a sharing together of their parts into and as a whole.

We just don’t notice this effect on any small scale because on small scales it is weaker even than gravity. But on the largest scales like a galaxy we can see how it behaves as if it were a single organism or entity. Because it is.


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Dark matter
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