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 Soundcloud rappers

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Soundcloud rappers Empty
PostSubject: Soundcloud rappers   Soundcloud rappers Icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2019 5:14 pm

Ive often heard of this term, someone even said I should try to be one, not realizing Ive been on Soundcloud before anyone knew of it and never got any hits a all, except one particular beat which has the downloads maxed out - and still got only one like - its not for me.

Curious a bit as yo what a Soundcloud rapper is supposed to be I googled "best Soundcloud rappers". I got a list and gave the top one, XXXTentacion, a try. I couldn't listen to it for more than five seconds - I would say it is completely effeminate if this wasn't an insult to femininity. It lacks the power of the feminine and it lacks the power of the masculine. And yet it draws all the Childrens to it. A generation being reflected in the utmost neediness. The Soundcloud Rapper is perhaps "The Last Man", or on he contrary possibly a phase that will be forgotten as soon as it is past - a moment of giving in to every weakness on the part of Man. A moment of opportunity for Woman, who yet, even though enacting her superiority at every outpost of our culture (From Ivanka to Nicki Minaj), isn't "feeling it". She still feels repressed, and in effect is still not holding the keys to the kingdom. This has everything to do with the fact that little girls admire Soundcloud Rappers, that the emotive travesty is not finding resistance of taste. There is, at this point, not yet such a thing as an earthly feminine taste.

Taste for what? Fair. There isn't yet anything for them to sink their teeth in.
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Soundcloud rappers
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