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 Bite-Size Philosophy I: Nothing is Two-Dimensional*

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Bite-Size Philosophy I: Nothing is Two-Dimensional* Empty
PostSubject: Bite-Size Philosophy I: Nothing is Two-Dimensional*   Bite-Size Philosophy I: Nothing is Two-Dimensional* Icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 12:27 pm

Everything in existence, due precisely to the fact that it exists, (this includes abstract objects such as the 'concept') has the a temporal dimension and thus all objects classified as two-dimensional by h/w, w/d or h/d in fact also have t.

*-There is a somewhat tricky case, that being the imagined dot: it has at least one width/height/depth dimension (the side that makes the object visible to your imagination) and--what my argument pivots upon--a temporal one. You may argue the imaginary line has no h/w/d, only length, to which I reply, "something with no h/w or d cannot have l lest it cease to e." I could get nit-picky and say that even this imaginary dot has at least two non-temporal dimensions for the very reason used in the preceding sentence. Imagined words take longer to explain, and this is supposed to be bite-size so unless someone contradicts my conclusion, I'll leave that point be.
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Bite-Size Philosophy I: Nothing is Two-Dimensional*
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