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 An article on Heidegger: "REBIRTHING THE WEST: [...]"

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An article on Heidegger: "REBIRTHING THE WEST: [...]" Empty
PostSubject: An article on Heidegger: "REBIRTHING THE WEST: [...]"   An article on Heidegger: "REBIRTHING THE WEST: [...]" Icon_minitimeThu Aug 29, 2013 9:42 pm

I was searching for Nietzsche on the longing for the end, which he sees as decadent opposed to the Olympian attitude which he recognized in Rubens, but thought had not yet found musical form. The Grand/Great Style, if I am not mixing up concepts. In any case google turned up among a lot of hits, this paragraph beginning with a value ontological statement and belonging to an article that seems worth the read.


[Heidegger] made Nazism in his own image. To quote one of his biographers: To Heidegger the National Socialist seizure of power was a revolution. It was far more than politics: it was a new act of the history of Being, the beginning of a new epoch. Hitler, to him, meant a new era. Heidegger was not alone, of course. A host of Western intellectuals and artists also succumbed, however temporarily to the fascination of fascism: Ernst Juenger, Gottfried Benn, Mircea Eliade, Jung, Yeats, Ezra Pound, Hamsun, to name but a few. In every case it can be showed that a uniquely configured longing for an end to decadence, for rebirth, for the start of a new historical era lay behind the decision to abandon the Western humanist tradition. Heidegger invested the cosmological savings he had hoarded over years of research in the metaphysical bank accounts of the Third Reich because he thought it could fulfill the higher purpose which he was convinced he was uniquely placed to see: to counteract the erosion of meaning, and give the West back its spiritual centre. He heard in the Nazi shout Deutschland erwache (‘Germany awake’) a call for metaphysical awakening so loud that in his inner ear it drowned out the genocidal implications of the second part of the slogan: ‘Juda verrecke’ C ‘Death to all Jews’. When the new regime failed to live up to his expectations, when Hitler proved to be not the Messiah of Being but a ‘rough beast’ incapable of understanding ‘the higher mission’ of his own movement, he simply withdrew into inner emigration. Apart from the two year ban on teaching imposed after the war by the denazification tribunal, the only time he served was the unredeemed chronos of the West which he had striven so hard to transcend.


The article looks very interesting.
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An article on Heidegger: "REBIRTHING THE WEST: [...]"
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