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'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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Fixed Cross
Fixed Cross

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PostSubject: First time   First time Icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 5:17 pm

a Christian priest makes sense to me:

Jesus, how fucking pointless has your church been? What a waste of millennia.
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Arcturus Descending
Arcturus Descending

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PostSubject: Re: First time   First time Icon_minitimeThu Nov 07, 2013 2:05 pm

Fixed Cross wrote:
a Christian priest makes sense to me:

What a waste of millennia.
AMEN to that. That was really poignant and beautiful and also kind of tragic when you think of it.

Perhaps more pastors of their churches ought to do this at least once to give them a sense of where their "sheep" lie, spiritually speaking. Christianity IS about love, empathy and compassion and a stepping out of one's comfort zone at times. It isn't simply about ritual, belief, worship, praying. If even one human being is excluded from being gathered in, something is definitely lacking.

Quote :
Jesus, how fucking pointless has your church been?
I was a christian at one time - now I'm agnostic - but I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater here, Fixed Cross. Christians are first of all human, like the rest of us, we are ALL imperfect, we grow and become through stages of enligtenment, self-realizations. One's spirituality is a path which is walked and it isn't a straight line. It is a flowing and an ebbing and sometimes of really muddy waters. If people were perfect, were saints, what need would there be for religion or even for a god for that matter? Do I find certain things to be wrong about the church? Yes, I do but there are also good things about religion and christianity.

Well you may not agree with this, Fixed Cross. And there are churches, believe it or not, where that "homeless' man would have been welcomed by many more people if not all and I daresay in some churches by all. But perhaps that is simply me wanting to give the benefit of the doubt. I don't "believe" it but I do intuit it based on experience. Christianity does not necessarily weed out the narcissist the arrogant the selfish the holier than thou the hypocrit. There are actually more humane and wonderful human beings within a church than not.

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First time
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