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 Basic formula of valuo-cratic economy

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Basic formula of valuo-cratic economy Empty
PostSubject: Basic formula of valuo-cratic economy   Basic formula of valuo-cratic economy Icon_minitimeFri Nov 01, 2013 2:07 pm

A state-less, anarchistic but non chaotic society would have to provide several different, distinct layers of value-abstraction.

The first level is where value is measured a a direct derivative of the human being - air, water, basic food -- then also basic cloathing, basic shelter, and basic healthcare.
All this should be free, because it is required by (virtually) all humans

The second level would be a slightly more distant derivatives, such as basic vehicles, more special foods, school -- things a local community is able to produce, but not in such a measure as the provide everyone with it effortlessly -- things also which aren't necessarily required, but fairly standard. These values should be available via basic trade transactions, without any form of currency. Currency is the abstraxction of value. No abstraction should be required in a purely local context.

The third level is the level of luxuries -- products to which particular tastes apply, products that require a great deal of effort to produce, and which can not be produced under all circumstances. These products would sort of naturally form the economic spearheads of communities - specialties. They would be in demand from across greater distances, and would conveniently be paid for in currency.

These together seem to be able to form a perfectly non-stressed, non-scarcity based economy, where no one is barred  from participating and no one is cooerced into participating.

Then possibly, as an even further derivative/abstraction, there can be a form of ''market of producer-communities'' related to what we know as the stockmarket. I haven't figured out how that would function without threatening the local dynamics or be justified at all, I'll work on that though, as humanity requires a lot of excitement and gambling, risk and fortune, rising and falling, and I don't want to stand in the way of that, as long as it doesn't interfere with a  sane distribution of basic values.

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Basic formula of valuo-cratic economy
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