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 Has Philosophy Become Politicized?

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Has Philosophy Become Politicized? Empty
PostSubject: Has Philosophy Become Politicized?   Has Philosophy Become Politicized? Icon_minitimeSat Feb 08, 2014 12:37 pm

At this point, I can't believe that philosophers can or have remained apolitical anymore.

The fundamental problem deals with how a priori reason is treated as the foundation for why free markets are justified, and how free markets are treated as an extension of Judeo-Christian, Western Patriarchy. Therefore, any philosopher who so much as recognizes a priori reason or an extension of abstract rational thought is instantaneously treated as an anti-intellectual conservative and ousted from philosophical conversation.

The weird part about this, however, is that conservatives in real life don't care about a priori reason at all.

In real life, conservatives are anti-intellectuals who insist on learning from experience, remaining stuck in their ways, and conforming to norms for the sake of being practical.

In real life, it's conservatives who hide behind plausible deniability and appeal to folk community common sense to get away with the problems of radical empiricism...

...yet philosophers have completely turned things on their head in terms of politics while being instantaneously suspect of anyone who doesn't synthesize before analysis, or engage in inductive rather than deductive reasoning. To modern philosophers, everything is a matter of opinion. There are no objective values, and anyone who believes in objective values is just wrong. The idea of figuring out universal necessities for particular possibilities is instantaneously labeled as ridiculously absurd.

Does apolitical philosophy even exist anymore?
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Has Philosophy Become Politicized?
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