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PostSubject: Addiction   Addiction Icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2015 9:36 am

The entire idea of addiction is bullshit. People do what they want to do. No one is addicted to doing something they don't want to do. A heroin user wants to shoot up, regardless of the consequences. Likewise with people who smoke or drink. We want to do these things because we value doing them more than we value avoiding the negative consequences associated. There is a "pressure" inside when we try to resist doing these "addictions", it is "hard" for a smoker to try forcing himself not to smoke, for example; this pressure (pain) is not a sign that we are "addicted", it is a sign that we are attempting to act contrary to what/how we are.

"Addiction is biological", yeah we hear this retarded non-idea all the time. "Depression is a medical condition, it is biological", same nonsense. Who the fuck is thinking anymore on this planet? Apparently no one.

There is no such thing as addiction. There is desire and behavior. We act on what we desire, and we desire what satisfies or completes a self-valuing process in us (removes or keeps avoiding a pain, and/or brings satisfaction-satiety to an otherwise disjointed affective-valuational process in us). We are what we are. Desires are negative (seeking-drawing) expressions of our self-valuing, joys are positive (removing-discharging) expressions of our self-valuing. Energy in, energy out.

Yet when there are processes in us which we do not understand, we act on the desires that result from such a process and then confusedly think that we did something we "didn't want to do". Not so.

Even under the conventional definition of addiction, even if we accept it, is it possible to be addicted to something that brings no pleasure at all rather psychological or physical, something that we do not want to do? Of course not.

"Addictions" are behaviors that give a person, based on who and what they are, pleasure or value but for which the processes of desire from which those behaviors stem have not yet been reconciled by that person with his understanding, resulting in confusions. "I did it but I didn't want to" or "I want to quit but I can't" are deliberate destructions of one's own responsibility, one's own understanding and one's own self-valuing, which are all the same thing.
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