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 AI or biosynth amalgamation

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AI or biosynth amalgamation Empty
PostSubject: AI or biosynth amalgamation   AI or biosynth amalgamation Icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2015 7:07 am

Should we expect to see software programs uploaded into the neural architecture any time soon? The brain may act as a large hard-drive for a more advanced kind of computing, running complex programming languages and algorithms directly in the brain. Of course this would screw up a lot in that brain so some areas of minimal intrusion would need to be identified, but since even a small chunk of neural matter could probably run a lot of computing power (once languages are written to take advantage of the structure of neurons and how they establish transistor states) - I mean why not? A concentrated brain imaging could find an area of underutilized neurons, very small area, map it entirely and model how the insertion of new energetic relationships among those neurons could be used to sync with an external computer system. I'm no sure how the artificial pathways would be created, maybe a combination of direct surgical electrical stimulation and targeted learning programs that you run the person through to "tune up" the area to spec.

If this happened we might develop a subtle area of feeling in our minds that would be located by feeling toward that "area" in mental space or by thinking certain kinds of images or concepts to activate it. Once active our subjective awareness would be able to see or interact with contents dumped into that area by outside computer hookup. The forcibly re-wired neurons would act as a bridge. Or an AI schema could be laid down forcibly over a larger area of brain matter, re-writing that matter almost entirely. Trial and error would probably identify a few small regions in the brain able to be messed with like this without causing severe damage. In this case with the AI our minds would become occupied partly by another presence, maybe it would speak to us or show us thoughts or images, maybe we would load thoughts or memories into it mentally for permanent archive or extra processing power.
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AI or biosynth amalgamation
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