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'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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 I suddenly understand Nietzsche

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I suddenly understand Nietzsche Empty
PostSubject: I suddenly understand Nietzsche   I suddenly understand Nietzsche Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2015 1:47 pm

As a god in the act of committing suicide.
Some of his work is a mere suicide note, full of petty pathos.
Some of it is the actual suicide. It's brilliant like a butchers blade on a summer morning.

Some logics can be constructed for fun in retrospect; god created all, god is dead, therefore god created his own death. God caused his own absence.
But did he not do this already when he banged the big one?

In any case.

It was a fine ritual.

God died at the horse.
Hitler was conceived on that day and life must have of moral necessity  reversed its course. Morality was born at Auschwitz and Stalingrad. Morality as a synthetic principle was forged in the heat of the torn apart self-valuing of a hundred million men.

The black sun. Gods suicide stopped time. WWI and II were the crunch of the iron balloon coming to its final expansion, and turning back inward, morally inward.

This is why we can as the first men see god; we give birth to him now that we perceive where we are going; toward the moral singularity now; toward the total collapse of all being into one point.

I feel obliged to add "Haha".


Necessity is "hard yes", Moral is "soft no"; if it is too hard it will break even against the adamantine outer layers of necessity; morality is the sculptors marble and hammer, necessity is the fact of force and its immanent consequence form; what lies in between and holds each on one hand is called consciousness, but on a more animal and animist level it is called fortune, 'guiding spirits'... all sorts of glowworms in the grass of darkness, the 'entities' which guide human sprits, hopes, over the mountains of their despair.

Stay low to the ground little friend... llightning is angry here... and deer can crush you so don't make a sound... what a wonderful universe fear is, once you learn to navigate it ...
'courage'; being deliberate in a state of fear to address the cause of that fear
'military'; professionally operating in a state of justified fear toward neutralizing it's cause
'philosophy'; by necessity operating within the element that normally causes fear; the unknown, the knowledge of pain, and the certainty of death.

'Übermensch'; man become fear-full - fearsome, as if fear itself, when it strikes the heart; ferocious, the lion, but more so, the child.

The unconditioned daemon, the cosmic child, this is the fickle spirit we all have to deal with; it is impossible to grab its attention or calm it down by reason, it can be done repeating the same thing in a droning voice or by tricking it into a path by knowing what it likes. "Fortune favors the bold" - but - "the gods have a way of punishing those who grow too powerful or beautiful". With god, one has to balance between boldness and too-boldness.

Consider how one gets a pregrammatical child to engage in a game. It can only be done by making the first move and doing it very dramatically. The child will want to imitate and surpass it. The same with God; deep down he knows we all come from the state he's in, but deeper down all he wants is to be like us.

to navigate that desire, gods desire, is to ride the stallion of the absurd, the particular, 'life itself' - those moment where, so to speak, the volcano is fluid.
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I suddenly understand Nietzsche
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