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'Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.'
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 the fail of modernity.

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the fail of modernity. Empty
PostSubject: the fail of modernity.   the fail of modernity. Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2016 12:37 am

i step into the shower, reluctantly. dont want to do it but its gotta be done. i am tired, sleepy, but i step into the shower anyway. The water washes over me, bubbling thoughts, ramblings, overflowing with truths. my female brain. i imagine myself on stage, saying these truths.

at that moment, the car sways side to side. I can feel that i am no longer immortal. My immortality was not a delusion, not a lie, I could sense it. There is now a fear in me, and a realization, that my armor is no more. Merely the mention of the word fag could kick me out of school. Merely a hunk of metal going 30 mph could send me into the next life. But I must become mortal, in order to be "seen" by the mortals around me.

Its like, giving a kid a present. You dont really give a shit but it means the world to the kid. You pretend to nod your head like you care. The kids an idiot, deep down he knows it, but isnt conscious of it yet. Isnt conscious that his life is meaningless. Its like giving a woman a diamond, she goes in full retard mode abut it, and you just have to fight the awkwardness and pretend to be into her stupidity. This is how you deal with moderns/manimals.

the moment yu are waiting for the fail of modernity.

Modernity sux there are no good tv shows on anymore, xena hercules and star trek arent on anymore. The only good shows are The Good Place, Salem and superstore. and good place isn't even on anymore. Modern commercials are garbage and suck, just a bunch of lame cucks on tv. Cucks are different from fags because fags are funny, cucks arent funny.

its like, the general vibe you get from beyonce. beyonce says "We will rise, we will rise". Just who is she gonna rise against? She's a multibillionarre. Bitch is at the top of the food-chain.
its like, modern women are like, upper middle class and still fighting a war against men, its like..."the wars over man, the wars over, you're gonna kill him man, soldier stop that's an order" and shes paranoid delusional kicking a poor broke homeless man over and over in the nuts in the dirt. while she shouts "muh oppression, muh oppression".

Not to mention, beyonces singing is annoying. like her voice is a siren and not the sexy greek musical mermaid sirens. her voice is a whambulace, hurts my ears, moderns think their gold is shit and their shit is gold. Its like, I used to say i liked her music because it made me "feel cool" because everyone else was doing it. But when i said liked, i mean like, tolerated a couple of her songs. And deep in the back of your mind, you feel like beyonce would someday marry you, but then you realize it would never happen, yu realize what a cuck you are, that you've been used and abused by society with zero reward given to you, you say Fuck it, imma quit being society's gimp, im gonna quit giving false respect to their garbage music.

Modernity is a fail on all levels. the tv sux. the music sux. they are even semi raping starwars, its just a gentle rape, like a clitoris rape, not D/P. Its like, fuck, how are we going to have a strong military with that shit, star wars has to inspire the men, without it, our military will fall apart, ISIS will take over. We need starwars to fight ISIS.

Modern cis suck, they are all stupid cucks. Modern schools suck and are a fail, its like if i get caught saying the word faggot I go to jail. Its like, fucking moderns force me agaist my will to attend highschool, litterally force me to go to a highschool full of a bunch of degenerates who talk about degenerate shit all day, disturbing and raping my mind. I get molested at school all day and the moderns don't care. Yet when I simply go up to a gay man and say the simple facts, that he is a faggot, I get expelled. Moderns are not just hypocrits, they are deliberate demons, twilight zone monsters specifically picking on me and using deliberate hypocrisy on me trying to make my life a living hell. It litterally is all just a conspiracy concocted to make me mad.

It is theorized that the burden of roaming the cosmos was too much for the gods, so they created the Ultimate Simulation. This realm, was one of their programs, however it started to degrade through the years, code was imperfect so we are left with an ever expanding shitshow. Basically, there are only three good realms, the pagan realms, which is like a playground where you just bullshit around, the Computer Realms (these realms, consciousness wouldnt enter a realm with no computers to play around on, the realm of Building), and the hot lesbian realms (just lots of mindless love and passionate sex, the exact opposite of these 2016 realms.)

Modernity schools suck, but also modern transsexualism is a fail. I wanted a sex-change more than a decade ago, still havent got it. Modern transsexuals all suck and are a failure on every level.

Modern tv sucks. Transsexuals on tv sucks, the new rocky horror sucks, there is a new trans tv show I can't remember the name, but I talked with the transwoman who made the show. I tried to tell her several suggestions to make the show entertaining, but she did't want to hear the voice of reason, just hit the block button. That's what they do. Zero entertainment value. Moderns suck at everything just suck the life out of everything and make everything boring. Their media and tv sucks supermonkeyballs.

Its like, my friend had ideas for Ru Paul's drag race, Ru Paul just ignored all of their ideas. Now ru paul is just a garbage show like all the other shows, and all it does is make trannies look like a bunch of ghetto retards. The only reason its better than cuck tv is because its not as boring as cuck tv.

Donald Trump will make American Television great again. In fact i am the one who got Trump elected, Amway corp told me to do it and I did it. But I didn't get a cent for it no not one penny. Instead of money, My deal is this. I will get Trump elected a second term, but the deal is Jill Stein has to at least get TV coverage and at least 10-40% of the vote. By then we can somehow figure out a way to get green energy incentives to corporations and make them benefit from a green, green as in money as well as eco, eco as in economy as well as ecosystem, friendly president.

I dont dabble in tv media because its hopeless, all biased horseshit, ironically, the only thing thats not horseshit is my little pony, ironic because its a show about horses. it espouses the pagan values and promotes the pagan agenda, so its good in my book. I dont dabble in tv but i am going to make the best game ever made, i may not get the attention whoring from game media the same way as tv but its a solid thing and achievement to make the best game ever made.
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the fail of modernity. Empty
PostSubject: Re: the fail of modernity.   the fail of modernity. Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2016 6:12 am

I just stay away from most of what is modern today. I can remember living in the USA during the 1950s. Sure, we had Elvis and James Dean.

I actually admire Beyoncé although I have none of her music except the song "I'd rather go blind" that she performed in the role of Etta James in the movie "Cadillac Records". (I have about 65 different covers of that song.)

I still find things to watch on TV. Science, history, nature, education, etc.

My music collection is such that I don't even listen to radio any more. I'm just not interested.

And I have enough work to do around my house such that I will never get it all done.

Yeah, pretty much I have created my own universe and I am at its center.
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the fail of modernity.
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