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 Illogic of retaliatory beliefs

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PostSubject: Illogic of retaliatory beliefs   Illogic of retaliatory beliefs Icon_minitimeTue Mar 14, 2017 8:36 am

Islam and liberalism share in common the fact that if you disagree with these beliefs, then those who hold them will retaliate against you, often in open violence; and even if not in physical violence then certainly in words, attitude, and with an intent to discredit you and/or cause you harm.

If you are a conservative you must hide this fact from your employer, for example, because in many cases you will lose your job if they find out. This is a well known fact in America, and while there are exceptions they are just that, exceptions. Liberal-leftism has taken cultural hold here, in entertainment and media, in politics and jobs, in the social stratosphere of norms, and a conservative is far less likely to state outright his beliefs than is a liberal, because the liberal's beliefs are socially-sanctioned and protected by the politically correct policing (thought police) that has become common here. Get this: Trump just won the presidency, the Republicans just won the House and Senate, and yet if many Americans were to show up to their jobs with Trump stickers on their car they would face severe retaliation from their employer and fellow employees, certainly being openly insulted and verbally attacked and ostracized, and in some cases including being fired.

The "silent majority" has been made to be silent. We live in 1984.

The same goes, obviously, for Islam. Muslims get upset whenever someone states that Islam is a violent religion -- and the Muslim then immediately puts out a death sentence upon such an individual, proving that individual was correct. Why do you think anti-Islam politicians need such heavy security, and sometimes they still get killed anyway? Or they need to live in hiding for the rest of their lives, and yet we are forbidden from announcing this fact publicly, we must always say how tolerance and peaceful Islam is. lol.

I am claiming now that any belief or belief system that sanctions violence, force, intimidation or retaliation against someone else who disagrees with that belief system, to be total and complete shit. Liberalism is a form of fascism, I see this almost every day out in public, it literally controls people's speech and actions. Islam is also a form of fascism, despite the fact that half of all Muslims can co-exist peacefully and moderate to some degree. The ideology itself is fascist, in a way that Christianity is not.  

From now on I will oppose any belief, in religion or philosophy or politics, or otherwise, that sanctions the use of force/violence either directly or indirectly against anyone simply because the other person does not adhere to that belief. These sort of retaliatory belief-fascisms must be opposed. Fuck Islam and fuck the left. And fuck conservatism too if it becomes fascist in this same manner.

If they can't win in the war of ideas and logic, then they don't deserve to win -- and they know this, which is why they get all emotionally bent out of shape and resort to violence when they can't complete on the philosophical level.


“Be clever, Ariadne! ...
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Put a clever word in them! —
Must one not first hate oneself, in order to love oneself? ...
I am your labyrinth ...”.  -N

“A man is not great if he is not small, and he is not small if he is not great. Concepts flirt with the loss of their significance in the oscillation between ambiguous states, and this is in part the function and purpose of concepts.” -Primer on Meaning
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PostSubject: Re: Illogic of retaliatory beliefs   Illogic of retaliatory beliefs Icon_minitimeTue Mar 14, 2017 9:26 am

I'm glad that most time I get to totally agree with you. This is one of those times. For me, a threat of violence against me allows me to consider the one making the threat fair game for a killing. Self defense.

I do not accept the actions of the present liberals or the actions of the militant Islamist. Change by force is unacceptable. I will resist to the maximum of my abilities.

And I will speak out against it whenever I have the opportunity.

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PostSubject: Re: Illogic of retaliatory beliefs   Illogic of retaliatory beliefs Icon_minitimeTue Mar 14, 2017 11:25 am

Yes. I also take extreme joy in seeing the demise and death of anyone who is motivated by such violent retaliatory beliefs. It is the natural reward for their stupidity.

I essentially Trump their beliefs with a greater deathforce, afforded by a greater lifeforce: if you wish death upon someone that hasnt warranted this by my code, I say you will perish like the soulless hound you are.


" The strong do what they can do and the weak accept what they have to accept. "
- Thucydides
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PostSubject: Re: Illogic of retaliatory beliefs   Illogic of retaliatory beliefs Icon_minitime

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Illogic of retaliatory beliefs
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