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 Destruction and salvation of the human ethical/valuing

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Destruction and salvation of the human ethical/valuing Empty
PostSubject: Destruction and salvation of the human ethical/valuing   Destruction and salvation of the human ethical/valuing Icon_minitimeSat Sep 27, 2014 4:40 am

Scientific thinking has infected the political to a very large extent - "eliminating bias", "tolerance", "equality", just to name a few of the catch phrases. Look at the two levels of reality triggered into existence, revealed and tracked by these; on the first hand the obvious emotional and rational appeal to overcome limits like our ignorance, on the deeper less visible level the literal meaning of these, which being literal must certainly register itself on an "unconscious" effect: to eliminate BIAS, to TOLERATE, to be EQUAL. Some more careful thought traces out this secondary reality of effect without too much difficulty.

Man is made to falsify his own emotionality and self-valuing in a negative way by being made, ironically with appeal to that very emoting-thinking core, to register conditions antithetical to the very nature of life/consciousness itself. This has happened as a consequence of scientific (artificial, rational) process entering into and disturbing the much larger and existing whole of the bottom-up organic process of life.

Science only seems counter to philosophical reason because science is still so young and unaware, and because philosophical reason (in the proper sense of reason) is still young also and operating out of the historically and naturally given healthfulness of coexistence between reason and the organic necessity. Philosophy in the sense we here practice it is more like a creating of a new method of reconciling philosophy and non-philosophy, but the thorn in the side of this noble effort is science which shares the root of philosophy too, namely the artificiality of reason.

Science and philosophy diverge as a matter of pragmatic or incidental concern, not because they are truly antithetical.  The only absolute divide is between organic bottom-up processing (life, basic consciousness, feelings) and top-down linearizing artificial process (logic, reason).

Let us be clear about our great aim and task: it is not to develop "reason and logic" even after the more elevated sense in which we understand these nor even to try and teach this sense to the lesser sense of science and technology; no, our task concerns the whole human being. We aim with philosophy to give to man the means of surviving and sustaining his self with respect to the absolute divide within him and in particular given how modern science is expanding this divide and its tyrannizing to previously never before seen extents.
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Destruction and salvation of the human ethical/valuing
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